Monday, May 16, 2011

Prom Gowns

It is prom time, a wonderful time for the young seniors
in high school’s all over the nation.

It was 54 years ago that I went to the Prom. I was a nerd,
type, just wasn’t the smart kind of nerd. I went, I had an ok
time. I was home by 1am… and the boy’s mother called our
house at 4am.. wanting to know if I was home.. so I guess
he went out and had a great time. Lol….We had gone to a
dinner after, I think… and Alice would have to remind me, but
I think she and I decided to walk in the water at the beach in
our gowns…

I remember my gown.. I was a country girl. Mine wasn’t the satin
type that most girls had. And my mother made my dress for the prom
and it was made ……out of feed sacks…. In those days they
had feed sacks with designs on them.. flowerly, checks and etc.

My dress was bleached out white from the waist down. And the top
was red and white check. And I wore it proudly… I wish I had kept
a picture of it.. I thought I still had one but I guess it got lost some
where. My hair was put up on my head in a bun. I had almost waist long
pony tail at that time. And I had black ballerina shoes…

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Margie's Musings said...

I too went to the proms. I attended the junior prom and the senior prom plus two more senior proms with seniors before I was a senior.
And I also attended the college prom.

I blossomed out from an ugly duckling after junior high and dated a lot.

I worked after school and bought my own prom dress...laid it away and paid it out...except for my own senior prom dress and mother bought that one.