Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Next Reality show...

I have a idea for a new reality show... it will be like American Idol and the rest.. except you don't dance or sing... they will judge you on charisma..

If you have enough charisma to win, then you get YOUR OWN reality show...
They won't have to pay big stars million dollar a show contracts so that will save the producers money.
You have to provide your own apt. and car, and living expense, so no expense there either, for the show.
The producers just have a crew come and set up the camera’s… and have one
follow you around to see what your life is like.

For most of us this would be boring for the audience, but if this person wins the
Reality Show Reality Show… (no that isn’t a repeat) they have to have the
charisma to be interesting..

And all those auditions, all over the country… nah.. all you have to do is
put it on U-tube, and millions can vote that way. And the weekly show
will show the top 10. Then the person puts up another U-tube entry and
the millions vote off the one that they don’t like… until they get down to
the last 3 contestants. All of this can be showed on the television for those
who don’t have computers and are not online. They get to vote off the one
they don’t like by phone.

Then the winner, gets their own show mention above. Maybe not as good
as a million dollar deal, but other reality shows go for less. And you get to
be famous.

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Dogwalk said...

Great idea. I'd sure never make it. How long would someone watch an old lady play on her computer! Lol.