Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 to 8 weeks out....

3 to 8 weeks out seems to be my theme song lately.

I remember when you went into a store and saw
what you wanted to purchase. And you paid for it,
AND took it home.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case much any more.
We bought a couch, we lucked out sort of. It was either
a wait and they would deliver (for a cost, of course.) or,
this is where we lucked out… we could go back to the
Valley (Spokane Valley) to their warehouse and pick it
up. Which is what we chose. The 4 other stores that we
looked at, even one who professes to ‘GOING OUT OF
Drum roll… 8 weeks out… (I thought everything in the store
was going…oh, well, nothing there I liked anyway)

But we put new carpet in the living room and hall.. 3
to 6 week wait.. lucky for us it was 3 and half.
Bought a new dishwasher to put in the kitchen when we
remodeled.. yep… 4 week wait. Got a 4 wheeler, ended up
2 weeks (parts we wanted were backed ordered)…
Ordered a recliner for me… 8 weeks wait. Order
French doors to be installed in back… 6 week wait.

And now Spring heading towards summer? It looks like a
8 week wait..

And waiting is not my best virtue…

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Margie's Musings said...

Neither is it mine.

Your renovations sound wonderful!