Thursday, May 26, 2011

I can't even imagine....

I have watched the news over the years about tornado alley. Which
is part of the country that is slammed with tornados each year at this
time of the year.. I don’t know if they have a certain season, like
Hurricane’s or not. Being I was raised in Hurricane area, I can under
stand some of how they feel. As Hurricanes over the years have done
their damage to the New England area… but not as much or as bad
as the south. The last really bad Hurricane in New England was Carol
In the 1950’s.I was there for that. Others came after but they didn’t do as
much damage as Carol. But even that one, wasn’t as bad as the 1938 hurricane.
Which was before they had names, and also before Providence built their
huge gates to prevent Providence from flooding.. Florida to North Caroline
seem to get the worse of them.

But I can’t imagine sleeping in my bed, and suddenly if possible a siren
goes off, (because sometimes they don’t get a warning) and then in a
few minutes of hell, I don’t have a house… if I am lucky I have my family.
then later walking thru my town, I see the company I work for, the building
Is gone. No house, no job, all my possessions and food are gone.
How do you start over?

I can remember my mother talking about living in St. Louis and heading home after school... she was driving her car and was speeding 70mph to get away from a tornado that she could see in her rearview mirror, and then coming to a Y in the road, she took to the right and the tornado took the left side...with her less than a mile ahead of it, and the wind that was so horrible she could barely keep the car on the road.She moved to Newport to be with her grandfather and finished high school there, it scared her so much.

I just can’t imagine… Hurricanes were horrible enough…

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Kay Dennison said...

We get tornadoes in Ohio -- there was one down in Centerville last week -- but I've never experienced one. (crossing all appendages and counting my blessings).

I wanted to stop by and thank you you for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. I've added you to my list as I do like your blog.