Wednesday, January 30, 2013

14 years in the waiting..


I would have said 14 years in the making…but so far it isn’t in
the making….but as you can see at least we have progress.
Some day.. and this year is the year… we will have a 1947 Ford pickup together…

See the King bought it around 1995 give a year or two.. it was whole. It was pale yellow..  and it was that way until 2002…it was going to be his remodel project.  He had drove it home when he bought it.. he drove it to the garage in 1998 that he stored it in, and then here to our garage in 2002. That was it.

Then he took it apart, it took 5 years before he sanded the cab down, painted and wrapped it. And it sat on the left side of the garage. The bed is leaning up against the wall. The fenders are upstairs in the loft. And I couldn’t tell you were the rest is.

So I told him this is the year… he said yea.. but then our sons told him he better have it together.. before father’s day.. as they are coming just before that to paint it for him… one of them is a professional vehicle painter and the other two have done their own for years.
He found a 91 Ford Ranger, that he found out that it could be used and put the 47 frame on it.  He started to take things off.. like fenders, box and a few others.. and then it sat..  So I told him that the first Saturday of the year, he and I were going to clean out one stall in the garage.. so he could get busy on it. While I am disappointed he didn’t keep it original, I am to the point.. to just get it back together..  

Well, this past weekend.. he got it all unhooked, the cab went in the air.. and out on a trailer, and now, today .. the frame is back in the garage.  He has about a week of wire brushing to do on the frame and paint it.. and then.. and then…
I am hoping for a Christmas miracle… the 47 cab will be lowered on to the frame.

And then each part will be put together.. Maybe we can get him in the 4th of July parade… and if it is done even earlier.. the Lost in the 50’s parade.


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