Thursday, January 10, 2013

You know you are old when.....

You know you are old or out of touch when….

When you open up a People’s magazine in the doctor’s
office and see a bunch of pictures of what they call hunks..
or Most Sexy man… and out of 8 of them, you only have
heard of 2.

You know you are old when ….. you watch People’s Choice
and you ask your husband who is that? Or who are these people?
and he says darn if I know…

And you know you are old when.. you turn on the radio and you
don’t have a clue who is singing…never mind the song.  Unless
you are listening to the oldies but goodies station.  Which that is
laughable too, as a lot of THEIR songs are the same songs you
heard when your kids were young and you were yelling TURN DOWN THE SPEAKERS!!



1 comment:

Betty said...

Well said. I know I'm old when I keep insisting that "Rap" is not "Music."