Thursday, January 31, 2013

Irritate the crap out of you...

Why is it when someone… be it a friend or a family member… does things that is different than the way you do things.. it irritate the crap out of you? It isn’t because they did it “wrong” as there is no right or wrong of is just different from what you would do. But it bug you.. irritates you…bordering on almost ticking you off… you can feel the irritation/ slight anger building up.. you walk away and by that time you are upset with yourself, as it wasn’t a big deal. Can
be the way your husband puts his dishes in the sink, instead of the dishwasher that is a foot and half away, to the way your friend picks thru the food, and then only eats a few things, or the way they fold clothes, when they are helping you. You know.. dinky things..

If by some reason you mention (which is rare) it to a friend (known as #2 now) You realize how dumb it was.. even border line petty… and Friend #2 will ask you if you said something to Friend #1  or family member… you say, no. And they ask, why?  You mumble something about it not being a big deal. Which Friend #2 will say.. “well, if it bugged/irritated you that much, you should have said something.. I would want to know.”

Now you really know how petty it was, and wish you never opened your mouth.

But how do you get around the “irritating the crap out of you?” feeling or is that just life?



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