Monday, January 07, 2013

The Coming Year...

Here we are given a clean slate… a new year..
What are you going to do with it, that you haven’t
done in the past many years of your life?

I am not talking about resolutions, as that is 99%

I am talking about goals. What is it you like to do?
Besides the lost weight, make more money, and all the
other things people use for resolutions.
I haven’t really gave it a lot of thought……
I have a couple of things I would like to do this
year, that I had not done in the past….as well as
a few things I was doing last year. 

Right now, I am doing what I usually do each year
at this time.. TAXES.. getting all the paper work ready.
I put most of the papers in a file over the year, so it was just
going thru the rest of the papers in the file to make sure I have
them all.. I have that 95% done.. and most of the rest is waiting
for banks, jobs and SS to send the forms for income tax filing.

But after that, I have two projects that I have in mind for the
next two months.. and….AND… AND… I AM REAL
EXCITED… as the King has got his truck in the garage.

I helped him 2 weeks ago to find one of the stalls in his garage.
We actually saw and swept the floor… he found tools he didn’t
even know he had!! He said it was like Christmas all over again.
And after that we brought in the truck frame that
he needs to finish stripping so he can put his 47 Ford pick up truck
on.. That will be a Christmas miracle in its self..  

So maybe this will be the year of the projects..

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