Monday, January 21, 2013


Can anyone explain to me why people are rude? To service people mostly. People who work as cashiers, workers in a store.. waitresses, or waiters.. and etc.

What possibility can you gain, by yelling at them, down grading them and saying unspeakable things to and about them?  Does that make you a better or more powerful person? I just don’t understand the concept.

There is a young lady who works on the floor of one of our new box stores. She is 18, still in high school, who works hard and tries to please the customers. Yet she gets yelled at….at least 3 times a shift.  These people don’t even know her, but will put her down. She is a A student… she is also a niece of a person I was talking to in a store that is closing locally.  I was told about this because I was telling the clerk at the store that is going out of business, how much I was going to miss the store. It wasn’t just the buying of cards, but the conversations of the workers, the talking of local things… just the friendliness of the staff.  She said that she was going to miss quite a few customers, but frankly there are some who come fairly often, that she would not miss at all.  They were rude and act like just because she is behind the counter, it was ok to belittle her. Like she was “just” a worker. I told her that was sad.. and then she told me about the young lady.

What message does that send to the young lady? Surely she won’t want to be in sales.

It happens in many occupations. Like I said in the beginning … waiter, waitress and etc. I just don’t get it.. Even if you are not satisfied with the service there is a way to get across that you are dissatisfied without yelling or putting down the worker.  You can tell them that you are upset about how you were treated, or that the product was not what you thought it was, or you thought the person didn’t give you the right information. Without raising your voice.

We have become a crass society.

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