Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another 4 years ....

All the pomp and stance of yesterday, even with disillusions, still was a wonderful day… It makes you feel proud to be an American. 

I know there are millions out there who didn’t watch, or watch cussing. Which is sad as it is our process.  The people voted… Obama won by electoral as well as by the majority.  It is the process we have had for over 200 years.  And be it your party wins or the other.. it is still America.  Millions who showed up to watch, of all nationalities.. and those who watched it by the way of the media. Be it television, computers and etc.   They said it was the most electronic recorded Inaugural in history, with the millions there with phone cameras, pad/tablet  camera and etc.  Putting pictures in real time on Facebooks and blogs and sites.  

Now today we are back to whatever amounts to normal for our country. And we wonder what the next 4 years will bring. Let us pray that Congress and the President will find a common ground for the citizens of America, instead of sticking in the rut of party loyalty.

 We use to think that we hoped that our future was judged and shaped by Congress and the President, but it is also shaped by other countries.. more so now than before.. being we have spread ourselves thru other countries, with helping them and accepting financial help from them… once we entangled our finances thru theirs we have put ourselves at risk.

May we get stronger to bring back our factories, companies that have fled, to make it so we stand strong on our own.. To be able to pay back from those we borrowed.

I can wish can’t I?

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