Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Taxes and bummed out...

I got my form letter from my tax person.. Which is the one I used
last year but not the 20 years before.. So I read the form and the list
that came with it.. The list is what I should be bring with me when
I get to do my taxes.  So I read thru it.. and there was a lot there.
But a good share did not pertain to me. But there was one that almost knocked me off of my chair.

 “Did you make purchases on the internet?”

I have never been asked that question before.  Not last year, nor any
year before that..  What an unusual question I thought.  The more I
thought about it, the more it bothered me.  So I googled it.
What a can of worms that opens… It seems it is on the state taxes for most states.. (line 28 for Idaho) and also the site explained that if the company you buy from doesn’t collect the taxes, then it is up to the buyer to pay the taxes.  WHAT THE !!!!  So does that mean I am or was suppose to figure out what the taxes are on the package I received and then write a check to the state for that amount… each time?  Because I sure didn’t keep track of what I bought on line.

I thought if you bought some on line.. you were exempted.  I mean after all. I live in Idaho.. and I have gone many times to the state of Washington. Yes, I was charged THEIR sales tax… but I sure didn’t come home and pay Idaho a state sales tax on what I purchased in Washington. So why would I do it if I ordered it on line and had it shipped to me?

Oh, yea.. if you buy on line… and they don’t charge you a sales tax… then you are responsible for it.. but it becomes USER TAX..
I didn’t keep track of what I bought…. Do you?? Do you have a receipt for every purchase you made by the way of Internet?  I sure don’t.


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stebbijo said...

Well, the obvious answer to that question would be, "NO." Thanks for the heads up.: -)

I hear you - never a break out there for the working class that gets older and barely makes it.

... "bummed out" - is a nice way of putting it, I guess.