Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The many theories of Sandy Hoop

One thing the Sandy Hoop murders have done is bring back some
of the memory of JFK shooting..

This should be a cut and dry situation.  Adam got up, took his mother’s gun, shot his mother, headed to a local school, argued with the Principal, shot her and proceed to the hall way, shot many children.. and then shot him self.  Cut and dry… maybe finding out what set off the young man off, if we are lucky.

But we aren’t lucky. Why? Because the media had a field day with the so called facts.  Reporting at the speed of lightening, without any back up of proof…. Guess they figured that could come later.. and then they can come up with some excuse, as usual, for how they got it wrong.

As much as I hate blocking and squashing the written word, I think it is getting close to time where something should be done about the press… not only for the ones who follow the stars so close that they endanger everyone around… but for the printed and video press that is high on reporting everything NOW!! Be truth or not.  They should be held accountable.

 The good thing about the old days, is that the people got the story a week later, and by that time most of the facts were there.  AND the journalist had pride in their work and it being the truth…  Seems like truth and common sense have gone to the wayside.

The story, has so many side stories… you got to wonder what is what. I know when I first saw it (about half hour after it happen or was on television)it was reported, they had caught a young man in the field next to the school. A young man that was reported as saying “it wasn’t me, I didn’t do the shooting.”  No this was reported, not show on the television… we were told he was the killer’s brother.  My thoughts was why was he there.  But later it was reported they found him at his job. And the killer had his id.

What is the truth?  It was reported that his mother was at the school.. she was a teacher there.  That turn out to be not true.  They found her at home dead, and she never taught at that school.  I also thought it was odd that there was so many cars blocking the road, at the school, how would the ambulances get in? Maybe a back door.

But now there is so many stories out there.. there is blogs about their theories. There is even YouTube that has so many stories patched together suggesting that the kids are not even dead, that it is a big scam by the government to be able to horrify the citizen so bad, that gun control laws will go in to effect. Suggesting that the people in the town all belong to an acting group, and it was all an act to work out this plan to get more gun control..  (No one suggested the young man isn’t dead).  The video spins a story so fast your head would spin to watch it.  Maybe it was produced by a want-to-be director.

Now we have gun stores selling ammo, guns and ammo loading products so fast that the stores can’t keep up with it, so have set limits.  Kind of reminds me of the sale of generators, dry food and water that was sold in large quantities  just before 2000.

Well, it should be helping the economy, and will they be a yard sales come the summer or after Obama leaves off in 4 years. Maybe it is an investment.. after all you can only shot so many guns at a time.. and so much ammo.   

It amazes me that people believe all of this… but I guess it is better to believe that the government took 26 families and put them on a witness protection type program than the first story I heard…   That being the government sent it up for Adam to go in there and kill the children.. that it was a government program to kill the children and staff.

Guess they gave up that one, because it was to far left for the people to believe … so came up with the people are all in hiding.

As much as I prefer not to have a gun or use one.. I understand others do. And I have no problem with that.  I do have a problem with mentally troubled people getting guns and killing people.  I do believe that if you are a gun owner, you should be a responsible person … meaning if you have more than should have a gun safe. And if you have even more…to have a very large safe.  This protects the gun owner as well as others. If there is a gun safe, then they aren’t stolen.  Will this take care of everything?

Sorry to say no.. but it was take care of half or more.. and that is something.

And mental health has to be addressed. It can’t be push to the side.. the programs can’t be first cut on the governments agenda..  It angers me so, when they are talking about the killer and they tell of how this person was a dangerous person before.  The Arizona killer, the West Virginia killer, and others.. people knew they were problems… not just small time.. but big time.. why weren’t they taken care of them then?

So do I know what happen? Nope, not a clue... 

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm as confused as you are.

I never cease to be amazed at these events.