Thursday, January 03, 2013

No matter which side of the aisle

No matter which side of the aisle you stand on,

you got to be pretty disgusted with Congress.


We sit here and wonder where are they leading us

and why are we following.  I guess the reason why

we are following is, because we have no other choice.

At least for another year or so. The midterm election.

And even then, the sheep will still vote for the same wolves.

Seems that we rather cuss the rut, then change it.


Myself, I gave up on these soap operas that Congress drags

us thru time after time.. the buffoon of actions the two

parties dance thru…taking senior citizens heart thru hell.

Last time they did it.. there was talk if there would even

be Social Security checks for the elderly.  What cruelty.


So this past time, I refuse to read or watch anything on it.

Kind of irritated my friends. They could not get me to have

an opinion… meaning they couldn’t bring me down with them

in an argument.  They didn’t seem to be very happy for the

last few months… but I was fine..

Have to remember to do that more often.. ha-ha


For some reason, Wall Street seems to be pretty happy, after

all it went up 300 points just with the news of the passing of

some of the cliff bill.  I don’t know why, as no one else is.


One of the reasons why I didn’t invest time into this mess,

was because I knew how ever it went down, it was not going

to be for the people… one way or another, we would be paying

more. And we will.  The other thing is.. what else is on that bill?

No one is saying.. they never do… but I don’t know a bill that

hasn’t had its own load of pork on it…come together like pork

and beans . 


And that is what you and I will be eating… it will be the only

thing we will be able to afford………maybe.  


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