Thursday, August 22, 2013


Ken has been working on his 47 Ford for... well about 11 years. 
He tore it apart 11 years ago.. Has piddled with it off and 
on... sanding and smoothing out bumps. 
and then left again to sit... the cab in 
the center of the garage.. the fender up in the rafters.
the box leaning up against the walls. Motor 
swinging from the rafter on a chain.. the 
frame outside thru many snowstorms and

Then this year... I told him. this is it...
get it done... And that he has done. 
We had to agree on one change. That
was trading out the 47 frame for a 91
Ford ranger frame with motor and transmission. I was the hold out. 
But at this point of the game, if it would
get it done.. then I said ok.. 

In 9 days, our son's are arriving to paint it for him.
One of the son's is a professional.. the other 2 
have done many of their own and friends. So
the 3 of them.. will get it done. 

That will leave Ken the winter to get it put back
together and hopefully we get to drive it
in the Lost in the 50's parade in mid
May. that is the plan.  And yes, ML
we will come out on your birthday and take
a picture... with our truck which is as old as you are. 
So in 10 or 11 days, I hope to have what you 
see here, but in root beer sparkle with black


Marianne Love said...

Sounds like it will be pretty. Looking forward to seeing it when it's all spit-shined.

Mari Meehan said...

Kenny and his truck = Mike and his boat!