Thursday, August 29, 2013

So long August.... so long Summer

So long summer, I hardly knew where the time went.
It seemed like I was just starting plants to put in the ground..
And here we are… the end of August… only 2 days left.
End of summer… fall knocking on our door.

We will be very busy putting August to bed… We have
our company here.. the beginning of them.. more arriving

And then we begin… the P day will be here Saturday…
Paint the truck… a long time coming… the King is excited.
He has picked out the color… ROOT BEER with sparkles in
It… He picks that tomorrow.

Tomorrow night.. we feast.. bar-b-que ribs is the menu, with
a few side dishes… so it will be good food, good times, and
usually some of the conversations start out with.. “Do you
remember this… or remember when we did this and Mom
didn’t know”.. And the looks on their faces when I tell them,
oh, yea, I knew.  It just wasn’t bad enough to scream at you.
A parent picks their battles…
And once in a while, they actually do have one I didn’t know

Then Saturday… the big day… starting with painting in the morning. 3 sons, and the King will hole up in the wrapped garage… no one allowed in once they start… because dust will come in too..   So we will hear paint guns, and fans going…

The afternoon, will start around 3pm.. where we all shift out of town… for part 2… the celebration of 50 wonderful years…..
(1963 must have been a great year… 3 family members and
about 4 friends celebrated this year)….
My wonderful son-in-law will have 3 of my sons and many, many friends,and more family,  who will help him
celebrate.  And we will party on thru the night… good food, good times… dancing…  Yep, this will be a great day to end a wonderful day…

Sunday… will be recoup day… start to pack things up…. And our son’s will be heading out… safely home…

Yep, August we will do you proud, we will wind you down.. in high style…  

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