Thursday, August 01, 2013

August is a busy month

A few people come and go, and maybe you make a quick trip during June and July..
But there is something about August that everyone decides this is the time to go visit.. some of it is fast trip..

This August has 5 weekends and we have something to do or to go to, on 4 of them.  We are going on one.. others are coming on another, and 2 more are just places to go for the day.

Is it because August is the last month of summer, so it dawns on us that we got to get things done quickly before it is over? Seems that way.. We are just as bad as others.

We have two 50th birthdays this month.. I have a friend coming from France. And want to combine her visit with me, at the same time my son’s are here. She hasn’t seen them since they graduated from high school about 25 years ago. And I think it might be the same for her with my daughter.

So I am taking an extra day next week, so see you Tuesday.
Have a great August.. and get busy doing your things.. after all, you only have 5 weekends left of this summer.

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