Monday, August 19, 2013

Dancing as fast as I can...

As I mention before, August is filling up faster than I can
keep straight.

This past weekend was no exception. There were trips
to Couer d’ Alene, lawn mower races, friends visiting.
Neighbor outside flowers and trees to water, and runs
to the store… More friends stopping by.  Working in the
garage and house.

Then there was the fairgrounds run to drop off a rice
dish for two friends, and a picture to enter in the fair.
This is my first time ever…to have something entered.
Heard all kinds of horror stories of long waits and fussy
fair managers… all which was not true.. No 2 hours
of waiting lines.. I got right in.. filled out tag, went to
the photograph area, was # 3 in line… walked thru the
processed, check and all was good, thank you very much.

So instead of a 2 hour wait, I was in and out in 15 minutes.
Which I have to admit, I got there 10 minutes before the opening,so maybe that has a lot to do with it.. as the parking lot was filling up as I left.

Being early has it merits.. we were 15 minutes early to Costco on Saturday morning. Had our pick of parking space, instead of the musical chairs parking.  Was second one in, and half an hour later we were out of there.  A record.

Next weekend is going to be just as bad or worse. But we will be home during it all. We have to blow dust out the of the garage. Wash down the garage, and then hang plastic curtains on all sides of the garage. We will be trying to have it spotless.
This will be a painting chamber.  The worse will be trying
to make sure we have all the stuff out of the way. We did
clean out a whole stall 2 weeks ago. Anyway, we figure it
is going to be an all weekend job.  Hanging the plastic curtains is not going to be fun either.

The count down has started. We are 10 days away on our count down.  PAINT DAY

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