Wednesday, November 06, 2013


This is the part of the year, when the King and I go
hunting.. he takes his gun, I take my camera...

With elk hunting he goes with the guys.. but deer hunting
he does by himself a lot.. which I am not fond of that.
So I volunteer from time to time to go with him.. and today
is one of those days.

I like going with him. I am not crazy about getting up so early. As we have to leave early to get to a good spot come sun rise.

But as the sun rises the earth is so beautiful.. even with the leaves leaving the trees.. and of course the fir trees are still green. And if Tuesday is any indication, there should be snow on the fir trees as well.. Looking like pillows left on the branches..

So I am off to see what I can shoot (with the camera) while he goes to see what he can shoot with his gun.

From what I hear, there are a lot of twins and a few triples out there in the woods.  And no, the King does not shoot them or their mothers.
But it makes me wonder about the old men's tales of twins meaning a bad winter.. God's plan to have plenty of deer for next year as there will be some who won't make it thru the winter.. Guess we well see what the weather will bring..

But for me.. I am looking forward to the view.. even if the road is bumpy.  

UPDATE..  foggy morning.. no pictures.. BUT ...the King got his deer. 

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