Monday, November 11, 2013

The gift of Quince or the gift that keeps giving...

A fellow blogger offered free quince.. so I stepped up to the plate and said ... yes, I would love to have some.  I had not a clue what to do with them.. but what the heck.  I knew you could make jelly, because she showed a beautiful jar of Quince jelly.

Marianne stopped by with promised quince... a box full.  You have to cook them for a loooooooooooooooong time.. she told me. Google them, you will find recipes.

So I googled them.. and found the process recipe.. Step one, cook for 5 to 7 hours...  So got the roaster pan out.. put in about an inch of water.... and quartered the quince. Put them in at 8am... About 4pm, after checking them several times... I took them out. They had turn their required red color.. dusty rose red.

I got out my grinder, that you throw the stuff in and grind to your hearts content, and it removes the skins and seeds.. letting the pulp go thru the holes.  Out came the cheese cloth. Put the pulp in there and let it drain for 4 hours into the bowl below. 
And there I was with 5 cups of juice.

I made the jelly.. put them in small jars.. so if it didn't taste good, I could get rid of it fast... :-)  and if it taste good, I could share them in my Christmas baskets.  It taste good.

Then I looked at that cheese cloth bag of pulp and thought there has to be a way to use this stuff.  I got out my zucchini recipe and
modified it.  I used 2 cups of quince pulp and left out the blueberries.
And 5 small loaves later.. I had some great bread. I have 2 more cups left, so will make another batch. It tasted great, little moist, but very good.  More Christmas basket fodder.  Also threw a cup full with a banana, milk and it made a great smoothie.

If you wonder what it taste like.. well, raw it taste like squash at first and then a rhubarb like taste comes.  

So thank you, Marianne.. great gift..

And to all those who have come before us... who have gone on beyond us, and for those among us, who have served so well.. THANK YOU... and hope you have an enjoyable Veteran's Day....the praises you so richly deserve.  

Happy Birthday, ch... 

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