Wednesday, November 27, 2013


November 27, 2013

Each year at this time... my mind goes back to Thanksgiving past.
Wish I had a picture of the other cook... My Uncle Tiny...
this one is of my Mom.

 Two of the greatest Thanksgiving cooks of the past....
My mother for the first 17 years of my life... then taken over by my uncle.  With a throw in of my mother for 4 years when I lived there with my kids and husband.

Mom's was great food for sure.. It was a 4 or 5 course dinner.. forgetting which.
There was the shrimp cocktails, after that was soup...usually clear onion soup with a round piece of toast floating on top.  Then came the main course. Turkey cut by dad,
just like the Norman Rockwell picture... with stuffing and gravy, mash potatoes, turnips, yellow squash, cranberry sauce.  With side of green onions and olives... oh, yea the rolls.
After that came hot pies.. at least 3 different kind... Pumpkin, of course, and a berry of some kind.. and mince pie.  With vanilla ice cream on top.

The table was dress to the tilt... There were the silverware...  shrimp fork, main fork, salad fork, desert fork... on the other side main knife, butter knife, regular spoon,
soup spoon.  Then there was the server dish which sat under the dish of the course. First the shrimp dish, then the soup bowl, the plate to have for the main part of the
meal... then the desert.  To the left water glass, to the right the tiny salt bowl and butter dish..(everyone had their own).  And we would have coffee after all the table was
cleared, unless you requested on with your desert.

My uncle's table was more like my own.. Simple... a dish with fork on one side, knife and spoon on the other. You took your plate up to the kitchen and walked around the counters and picked what you wanted... All of this, of course was after the cook served himself first.   On the table would be a roll's basket, gravy bowl, butter dish.. one on each end
of the table.  All that was passed back and forth as needed..  A more laid back. And when you were done, you went back up to the counter where the pies were, with a desert fork piled next to them. 

Both tables we waddled away from... after lots of conversation.

Also the difference was between the two was... my uncle's was all covered over so anyone could help themselves after.. if they so chose.   My mother's was all put into
containers, and put in the refrigerator.  And the dish washer, would wash the dishes, pans... and etc..  That dish washer was me...  For years by myself.. but when I was 15
along came an angel... name Jo. Who helped me all the years that followed... Even when I came back with my children and husband.

At my house.. after everyone has their fill. The women get out the containers.. and divide up all that is left. Containers for each family involved.. Because there is NO WAY,
that the King and I were going to have all that food left here...  lol

So as you gather around your table tomorrow... think of all the blessings you have been given over the year. Or even years.  Maybe say a little prayer for those who
are not as fortunate as you are.  Because no matter.. how your silly uncle or loud aunt, or grandma, and grandpa carry on... you are so lucky... because a lot of people
have no one.. For those with out family near by and only can do it by phone... may you have many friends at your table....

GOD BLESS.... and may your day be full of good food with lots of friends and family, with a side dish of laughter...     

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