Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We will be thinking of the Kennedy tragic shooting.
It will be 50 years this year, this month...

Wow...  50 years since I ran out the front door, almost tearing off the screen door, screaming ...
"they shot Kennedy, they shot Kennedy".
To my husband and our neighbor who was sitting in
the yard.  And like everyone else, was glued to the
television for ...what 4 days? Watching the funeral proceeding .... Oswald being shot by Ruby... and wondering
when would it all stop.

There is a song about the day the music died... it is about
Buddy Holly .... and his death in a plane... but some of the
generation that loved JFK... feel that is the way it was, that
day when  he died.. Not that the music died...but innocence.

I not going to tell you that we lived in wonderful perfect world
before he died. But we were happier... There were jobs,
people were buying homes...and cars. There was great
hope. And 85% of the nation loved our President and his
wife, with their family.

Since then we have had bombings in the USA.. We had tricky Dicky... (Richard Nixon) the Clinton scandal.. the
do nothing Bushes, but get us in wars we should not
have gotten into... Carter and Ford who were weak.
There was the hippie generation, the protesters, the
Kent College killings, and so much more... kids killing
kids... Vietnam war, all showing up front on television,
while we sat to eat dinner. We are taxed more but see
our roads and bridges falling to disarray.  Politicians use
to meet in smoky rooms and come out with answers for the
country... instead of spouting off in front of the television

We were proud of our flag and country.. and "we can do" attitude.  Now instead, we have tearing each other down. And people telling us we can't fly the flag or have it in certain places because it offends others.

We remember what things were like in the Kennedy days.
We know how things could be... 

And we fear we will never see those days again.  

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