Monday, November 04, 2013

Winter is coming....

Winter is coming..
and I guess I am ready.. well, the yard is done and etc... but
mentally, I am not so sure about me...

As all of you know, the overcast and gloomy days take me down. This past weekend was a good preview of it.  Spent most of Saturday with Misty by my side, with a book and cup of tea.. with the television in the back ground..  Looking up when some thing of interest was on... Which on Saturday's that isn't much.

If the King was home it would be a marathon of Storage Wars, Pickers, Duck Dynasty and etc...  So I got 3 of my books out and finished two.. and drudging thru the 3rd one.   I also have two book cases of books that I was going to read "one of these days... and the way the weather is heading.. it looks like "one of these days"
is here.

Also I can start baking. I put my squash in the freezer in 2 cup containers.. so I can get started on my choc. zucchini breads and etc.  Which is good, as the kitchen has a great big light above and it looks like mid day sun..  Besides I need to start getting stuff ready for Christmas baskets.

Then if I get real bored.. I can clean out my file cabinet. Oh,
be still my heart... as that job I have shoved off for about 4 or
5 years..  I still have booklets for items, I no longer own... Yep, there is enough to keep me busy.

So while my project week got shot the hell out of, with the King coming home 4 days early... I still have enough to do.
Got the living room floor shampoo'd and changed the furniture around..  and two other small projects done.. so it
wasn't a total bust.

So winter come on...but please could you leave the sun out for me.  

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