Thursday, November 07, 2013

NO RESPECT ... I tell you again..NO RESPECT...

Once again.. our sweet little town gets NO RESPECT...
The election was yesterday... and last night the media
was as busy as an one arm wall paper hanger...

Couer d' Alene, 43 miles south of us, was buzzing with news of a new council and mayor.. Washington state, which is where we get our television news out of Spokane.... and it was buzzing with the news of candidates and new laws to pass or not (they didn't)

Our surrounding towns, Sandpoint, was buzzing
along with their new council members coming aboard...  Ponderay, Clark Fork, even little Hope
got news worthy reporting...

But... little city that could... the city of Kootenai.. NOTHING.. 0... NOT A SINGLE WORD...
until this mornings paper reported in a single sentence.
Why?  Because we had two candidates... who ran.. again... with no one running against them.  
And only 17 people voted...  There was nothing else
on the ballot... No, county commissioners .. nothing..  So I guess the media figured why bother..

But we, at the council meeting last night.. us, the  public ... 4 of us... congratulated
Dave Sunquest and Crystal Collsom... on their win.. even telling them, we heard they won by a land slide...  and then they sat down with their fellow
council persons and the Mayor and got to business. Business of different things going on.. but most importantly, was the passing of the new Zoning
polices and city map...   All of this was hard work by the 5 of them with their clerk... and one amazing
Lisa Key, who worked for 2 years to update the zoning polices and bring them up to state code.  And it passed last night.
Another council meeting... well done... 

We might not get much respect.. and the townspeople take our council for granted... But we are mighty lucky to have them. 

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