Tuesday, December 17, 2013

After Dinner....

The King and I don't entertain often... we do a Thanksgiving with the family... and once in year we do a dinner for friends.

We are more of the, come to the house for a back yard cook out.
We do more of ours in the summer...

It is always nice when it all comes together. And even tho some might think we will kill each other before the meal is done... they would get a better picture of it after... When the meal is done and friends have gone home.   Because that is when we put things away, and clean up... and during this time.. we bond and talk over how it all went.. what worked well, and what we would change the next time..
And how lucky we are to have such great friends.

Summer backyard cook outs are easy.. just open it, cook it, and then put it on the table, and when it is over, throw the plates, cups and utensils away. Almost a wrap up the paper table cloth and throw in the trash.

Winter ones, are put it all ways, put the dishes in the dish washer with the forks, spoons and knives.  Then take them all out and put them away until next time. Wash the table cloth and napkins.

We do have containers for our guest to fill up for later, so we don't have much food left over.  Which we are glad to share with everyone.

So how do you do? Do you and your spouse, work together and talk after, enjoying how things went? 

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