Monday, December 16, 2013

Clean up on aisle 7 (known as the kitchen)

There are just some days, I have no business in the kitchen.
And this past month.. that has been at least 3 times. 

Like men, I tend not to follow directions.. I read them, get the jiff of them and then go with what I want.  Lots of times that turns out well for me.. (in case you were going to ask) but some days..
well, I should have clean the bathroom with a toothbrush.. it would have been better day.

I have in my freezer a container.. with the strongest lemon glob, that I know I can use it for something... just got to figure out what.  It was originally lemon bars. But the bars turn out like cement on the pan.
The top was fine.. hence that is why I saved it.  Which will be a challenge as I love lemon anything.. but the King positive hates lemon.

Then there was the deal of mixing and micro waving.. and mixing 30 seconds later.. and microwave again..  NOT  microwave for 1 minute..
as you can see, that didn't work out for me..  Well, I shouldn't say it didn't work.. as I had plenty of work for me.. as you can see.
It spilled all over the microwave.. and I had to clean the mess and then the walls, and the ceiling of the microwave.. NOT MY FAVORITE thing to do.

Yep, some day's cleaning the bathroom would have been better and easier to clean. 

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