Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Four Letter Word

Sunday afternoon, we were coming
across the Long Bridge and I
asked the King...is that snow
up there at the ski lodge?
He said, it kind of looks
like it... maybe a skip of snow.

Well, this morning I got my
paper and looked up and that
is no skip now. That is outright
SNOW. That 4 letter word, that
brings thrills to some and dread
to others.

I am an inbetween person. I like
snow. First really good snow
you will find me outside
building the first snowman
of the year. My kids know
about this, as they were
victims of being dragged
out of bed at 1 am or so, as
I gleeful, wake them with the
good news of the first snow...&
let's go. They would drag out of
bed, (in their teens, they just
cover back up, doubting their
mother's sanity) and go with

Well, this morning, I have
COS, that is related to COL.
for those without cats....
that is Cat on Shoulder, (the
other is Cat on Lap). Seems
Rokon is not looking forward
to the cold. And she hasn't seen
snow yet. She is a hunter. Always
bring me gifts of her kill. I think
she like to hear me scream. But 3 days
ago, I saw one of her gifts in the
driveway. A seagull came down
and got it before she could get it
to the door. Seems she puts them there
and when she sees the door open, she
grabs it and runs in.. When I saw
the seagull picking it up on the fly,
I cheered..but poor Rokon, stared
in disbelief.

Keep warm, got your snowboots out?
Me, neither... I had hoped that we
would get a chance to ease into

If you see an old lady laying on
on her lawn in Kootenai... don't fear...
She is just making snow angels...
I have had a lot of practice.


Dogwalkmusings said...

You oughta come down and join Bacchus when the snow moves down to our level -2500 ft. or so.. He's King of the snow angel makers!

amyrebba said...

Woo Hoo let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Last year was a whimp of a year. I'm looking forward to a good snow!

God's Helper said...

I wonder if just maybe we can get a winter over here. Send it our way. I am sick of rain, I miss that beautiful white stuff.