Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween Day

Halloween 1990 Posted by Picasa


This picture is of 1990. I
had the King drive me to
my work place. But he
refused to take me, if I
wore the head. He dropped
me off a block away so
no one would see me
put the head on. In that
short walk, I had more
people waving and beeping
their horns, and laughing.

I had cut the pumpkin
from the bottom instead
of the top. This took
quite a bit of thinking,
because I had to have
a pumpkin big enough
not only to fit my head.
But also big enough
I could cut the hole
in the bottom for my
head to fit thru. I have
a large head. And not
have the pumpkin break.

The rest of it was fairly easy
after I got it cleaned out,
as it was just like dealing
with any other pumpkin.
Except I had to remember
the mouth went near
where the hole was.
And the eyes near the
other end.

I had borrowed the King's
gloves, boots and his
Carharts coveralls.

It was so cool.Almost no one
knew who I was.. I danced
down the halls, waving to
everyone one. But twice
I was guessed. One was
a resident, who called me
by the name she called me
all the time...Helen. I must
have reminder her of a Helen.
The aides who were
near by, they couldn't figure
out who Helen was.

The other was my boss,Nani.
She didn't catch on until I laugh.
She said that was a dead give away.

It is weird the different takes
on Halloween. Some think it
is a great time for the kids. I
do. Love their costumes, when
they come to the door.

Others think of Satan, and
all evil things. Which brings
to me the stories I had learn
as a teen. I don't recall
who told me it, was it my
Pastor? But anyway, it
was a celebration. It was
started in Europe when they
would go to the cemetery
on that night, and bring
treats to eat as they visited
the deceased relatives. And
this would ward off the evil
spirits. So I was taught it
was a festive thing. A
celebration. Not the horrible
evils, that some like.
But I don't know how the
costumes came to be with
that. To ward off the evil
spirits maybe?



stebbijo said...

This, my dear -- is very funny! LOL

FreeThinker said...

The key is, don't analyze so much and just have fun!