Friday, October 07, 2005

Not Much Humor in This...

Trying to put a humorous spin
on yesterday. Which is kind of
hard when my back still hurts.
Don't know what that had to do
with yesterday.
And my tail end, is not my friend

This misery, starts the day before.
Your last meal was the night before.
No solid foods today. Just liquids.
"If you can see thru it, you can drink
it" what they told me. No reds...

They give you this sweet, yucky tasting
water? And the feel of it in your
mouth isn't much to brag about it.

Then the love affair starts with the
toilet... for about 6 hours. Then
you get to drink some liquid until
the Cinderella hour of Midnight.

Up early in the morning and the
King takes me down to BGH.
Never has the Wordtosser been
so quiet. Every one was great.
A kiss from the King and off I go.

I woke up to my name, and the
King sitting next to me. And a
view of down town Sandpoint.

I am thinking, when can I go home
which must have come out of my
mouth, as the nurse answer with
a great punch line... "When you
can walk and fart, we let you go"

I wasn't feeling too bad actually as
I was wheeled out in a wheelchair.
Don't you just love that. Wheeling
you is like..nope, you aren't
falling down on our shift.

I slept all afternoon, and most of
the night. But the meds. wore off,
and then I knew exactly what they
did. Because it started to hurt.

So what did I have a test for?
well, let's put it this way, I love
taking pictures, but that is not
where I wanted my picture taken.
And sitting is a luxury today.



Dogwalkmusings said...

That bad huh? Hope the results are in your favor. I thought they used these fancy-dan no discomfort fiber optics these days? Sure doesn't sound like it. Feel better my friend.

stebbijo said...

Takes on a whole new meaning - the term "walk and fart" as medical terminology.

I am sorry to be laughing over your pain.

God's Helper said...

Bill just had one of those and he slept through the whole thing and had no dicomfort afterward. Of course he had to announce that he was a "Perfect A------." I'll let you fill in the blanks. Did you get color pictures too??

Love you my friend.

Word Tosser said...

It wasn't that bad, like I said, they wheeled me out, and next thing I knew they were waking me up. Everything else between, I don't have the foggest idea what happen. Just got a sore tail end.
And God's I didn't get to keep the pictures. They weren't very flattering, so it was just as well.. lol...

amyrebba said...

Sorry to be laughing but that was a good post. My husband has been through a couple of those, so I had to read your post to him. He did get a kick out of it as he knows how you feel. He does the same thing. He comes home and sleeps for the next 24 hours after he has one.

Word Tosser said...

Any time I can bring humor to a subject... it is a winning day.
so no problem with the laughter...