Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween is Coming

Monday is Halloween... Trick or Treat
I have been thinking about it lately
because, of course we have to get
candy for the 6 to 11 kids that show up.
We try to buy candy we don't like, so
we don't eat it before the day comes.
But this year, I bought the kind we like,
and so far we have been pretty good.

We are lucky our neighborhood isn't
prime area, so the kids go to town
to the areas that have lots of candy.

We were talking about the costumes
that we used as kids. And for the life
of me, I don't recall one. I am sure
Mom must have made costumes
for us. She was very creative and
she was a master seamstress.

All I can recall of Halloween is
the grange. We use to go to
the grange and play games
like musical chairs, and bob
for apples. And being I loved
to swim, bobbing for apples
was easy for me, as I really
like swimming underwater.

I can barely remember my
brother going the door to door
route. He is 4 years younger
than I am. But can remember
him bringing home, what I
think was a pillow case
full of candy. And Mom eating
some of it. Dad too.

By that time I was into basement
parties at friends.
We didn't get to do the fun
things that our country
friends did. Turn over the
outhouse. We didn't have
them in our town. Or chase
the cows to the far end field.
Farmers got so they barn
their livestock during that time.

I am amazed at the teens,
older teens that show up at
our door. And more parents
are showing up with their
kids now. I am glad.

We always greet the callers,
as we love seeing the different
costumes. The little ones
are the most fun. But even if
it is a teen, who is dressed up
we are glad to see them.
It is the lazy ones who just show
up with the "just give me the candy
attitude" we don't like to see.

Will be looking forward to seeing
the bloggers post their little ones
in their costume on their blogs.

By the way, it use to be that the
Christmas stuff would be coming
out after Halloween, and as we
all know, it is already out. But
when I was at Wally World
yesterday, I saw........ a shirt
with a Shamrock on it...yes,
Happy St. Patrick's Day...
I could not believe it. It even
skipped Valentine's Day, surely
it must have been one of the clerks
April Fool's jokes... you know these
holidays are getting out of hand.


stebbijo said...

I cannot decide to buy candy or not this year. Last year NOT one trick or treater. So may just turn the lights off and be Scrooge of Halloween this year. It seems whenever it is on a weekday -- there is not much to happen -- and I DON'T want all that leftover candy in the house!

jb3ll3 said...

Cis, I have a confession to make. I bought some really pretty fabric with (gulp) shamrocks on it at the fabric store yesterday! arrggh! I've gone over to the other side!