Monday, October 10, 2005

Trying to Bounce Back

The King left town early Friday morning...
I wasn't feeling up to speed yet, so he
went alone.

So I rambled around the house. Got
out and walked to the Post Office
with my walking friend. Made the
trip ok, but still not up to par...

Beginning to feel a little better,
but also feeling a little silly that
this got to me. After all it isn't
that big of a deal. But I think
the part that bothered me the
most is the thought process
was not in tune. Even writing
my blog, I had to keep correcting
my words.

Emails were ok as you have
spell check. But comments on
different blogs, left me out
on left field. Putting words
like socks when it should
have been sox. Built instead
of building. Leaves you
a little off, like you have
dementia starting. And
that scares all of us.

But at the end of the day
I looked forward to having
the remote control to
myself.... Ah, ha...I sat
down to enjoy my choices.
CHOICES??? What choices?
There was nothing on to watch.
What a revolting development
that was.


maureen said...

you can complain alot if you want to because that procedure is just a big pain in the ass..
love ya
PS. Ray leaves for hunting on wed for a week, but my 16 yr old granddaughter Molly will be staying with me, so after 3pm everyday I won't have control of the remote. Is MTV better than nature channels? I'll find out.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Cis, I LOVE your stuff.

stebbijo said...

What a bummer! Nothing like getting control over the 'gun' with nothing to shoot at!

amyrebba said...

LOL I know the feeling. When you don't have to share the remote it isn't worth having anyway. Glad you are feeling better.