Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spam E-mail

I am use to getting spam messages,
and a lot of them in the form of male
enhancement, with my email address
starting with a male name. It just happens..

But now I am down right insulted...
I got one on Wednesday for, get this!!!
Diaper Supply. I can get a years
worth of diapers today!!....

Now I am way pass having kids....
and I am sorry, but I am not to the
other end of the diaper stage yet either.

Now my delemnia.. do I email back
and tell these young punks, that I
don't use diapers... how dare they
presume I do... And therefore letting
them know I am a live address so
they can spam the crap out of me...
or do I delete it...ticked off..
I think I will tell the King it was for
him... after all it is his name that
leads our email address... lol.....
let him get ticked off... lol... But
knowing him, he will just tell me
it is my hobby, not his, so he takes
no responsibility here.Meaning
working on the computer.

My server has spam block so why
don't they catch these spams?
I notice that at the bottom they will
say that you asked for it... but I
don't sign on for any of that stuff.
If I order something, I make sure
I off click those check marks on

Oh, well, it takes a second to
delete and block. But that
one blew me away.


stebbijo said...
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stebbijo said...

I answered a ad to get a free Krups cofee espresso machine once. BIg mistake! Don't be tempted like I was -- I now get plenty of email about every deal in the universe. I might be able to live with it if I had received the coffee maker.

Word Tosser said...

Saw one at a yard sale last week... it was for sale for $3. I thought about asking her about it... decided not to.

God's Helper said...

thinking of Theresa and the baby, I started into the free diaper mase. OH man was a scam. Toward the end you have to sign up for 12 different thinks from credit cards to I don't remember what. I hit the big red X in the top right corner and said Good bye!!!

Bay Views said...

The subject of diapers is something I was fearful of. Thankfully, I dodged THAT bullet.