Friday, October 14, 2005

Life's Future Work

Attitude test….I took one of those test
when I was a freshman in high school.
It was suppose to give you an idea, of
what line of work you were suppose
to go into. Maybe it was suppose to
give you a better idea of what classes
you were to take the rest of high school.

Mine came out with a combo of mechanic
/ journalist? I remember (funny the dumb
unimportant things your remember when
you are older) thinking what does that
mean, I was going to be a writer for
Popular Mechanic's? Is that magazine
still around? Anyway, I could have been
a contender…lol…

But my mother decided that I would
end up a secretary, (why does secretary
have the word secret in it) which I hated…
I worked for the civil service, and talk
about office
I worked for a clothing company, in
the payroll dept. in San Diego. But
I would look out at the shipping and
think, I wish I was out there, as sitting
at the desk, with fingers flying over the
adding machine was boring..I didn't
change as I had got married and

I, later after marriage,became a waitress,
which I didn’t like that very well either…
Then, a short cook for a mom and pop, fast food
and ice cream shop…. Didn’t like that either.
Got sick of my very favorite ice cream really
fast. Lol.

Later I became a dispatcher for a very small
town, Roslyn. Now that was a blast. But then
after 2 years I moved.

Nurses aide… which I enjoy the work and
hated administration at the end. Use to
look forward to working, until the company
became about them and not the residents…

So here I am retired... and finally, have
answered the call, of journalist. Well, as
close as I will ever get to it... which is just
fine with me. I am always amazed that
someone thinks I am worth reading...
Oh, the closest I got to the mechanic part,
was my deceased husband's mechanic shop,
I use to clean the heads with brushes, clean
up parts, and was a darn good parts go -for...
I was told that by the parts dealers. I knew
everything about that car/truck. They even
try to trip me up with, well, what side of the
car is the gas tank. Those guys were a blast
to talk with.
Maybe that is where I got my gift of


God's Helper said...

Oh, I think you were a pretty good mechanic too. I remember working side by side in shorts and halter tops changing my water pump in my Dodge. And they said we couldn't do it!!

Word Tosser said...

ah, those were the days....