Monday, October 17, 2005

Reading the Sunday paper

Reading the Spokesman Review
yesterday was interesting..

See, on the front page of the comic's
was OPUS which tells the story as we
know it here local in Sandpoint, and
others know it across the nation. We
seem to think it is just here.

I wondered where the OPUS cartoonist
lived that he thought the housing market
was so wild. For those who don't get
the SR, it was a cartoon of selling a
house, a battle over selling a house,
that wasn't for sale, and then when
they finally sold it against their
better judgment, they wonder
how they were going to replace the
house. The long and short of it, as the
cartoon was ending, the house was
one of those that you see in people's
back yards that little girls have.

I have Dish so I get the New York
stations, (local wasn't available at
the time) and one of the ads is
about how their mayor is running
for re-election, was trying to get
low cost homes for the new owners.
And the kicker line was, housing
low enough for New Yorkers to
stay New Yorkers. Sound familiar
where you are at?

Also in the Region section on page
2 was a map of Earthquakes in Idaho,
I had to laugh. Now for all you
Californians, this is tongue in cheek.

See the top two areas were in the
south east corner of Idaho and
what appears to be Hayden,
and Bonner County area. See,
we knew we had too many Ca.
people move here. They not only
brought their high price housing
but they brought their earthquakes


amyrebba said...

Ouch, Cis some of us didn't move up here to take advantage of the area, but to simply live a simple, worth while life and to have a safer place to raise our children. At least that was my motives. Although you are right there are many CA's who moved up here to take advantage and with them brought many of the problems some of us were trying to escape. After the growth here in Post Falls since we moved here eight years ago, I'm almost ready to sell my place and move further into seclusion. Only I can't aford to now. My husband and I agreed when we meet in High school that we would some day move north. I swore after growing up in the school system there that I would not raise my children there. I will also add that I moved up here because we couldn't get good jobs there nor could we aford to live, let alone buy a home there.

little ol' me said...

Cis...I've loved Bloom County for years. They ran a comic strip about "going vegetarian"...and pretty soon all of them were hanging upside down from a tree limb, afraid to step lest they kill a bug, afraid to breathe lest they kill a microbe, and on and on. And I thot that "housing market" thing Berke Breathed came up with in the comic strip was right on the mark.

I see you've added a couple little tidbits to your blog...the hit counter and the other little thing. It's kinda fun to do stuff like that.

Word Tosser said...

amyrebba, I have to confess... I lived in Ca. for 8 I came to the NW from there too. Then I went home to R.I. and came back to the NW. Still the best.

cdaDave, I am still in kindergarden of the blogdom, so it is slow for do dads... they came with the template all ready written. I just copy and paste