Wednesday, October 12, 2005


As I walked today around the town,
(they are still doing construction on
Hwy 200) I noticed there are a lot of
vehicles with the darken windows.
In fact one person waved at me, and
I didn't know it until they were along
side of me. And, of course, because we
were moving in opposite directions...
I didn't see them until it was too late.
And they probably think I am a blind
or snubbed them.

I don't know why people have full
darken windows. Mine has the one
strip of tint across the top of the
windshield which keeps the glare down.
But these are fully dark windows on
the sides and tinted on the front. Is it
to keep strangers from seeing you? That
is ok, if that is what you want, but you
also keep your friends from seeing you
too. And unless you have done something
to your vehicle to make it stand out, then
you look like every other vehicle that is on
the road like yours. So hopefully, you don't
get upset when your friends don't wave back.

Even houses, as I walk around town.
The yards and the windows.. The older
houses have knick knacks in the windows.
Some times it is just one kind. Lighthouses,
roosters, ducks, mules, windmills and
etc.The newer ones have blinds of some
sort. Some times these follow into the yards.
But I notices a lot of the newer houses,
have very little personal like yards. They
have the usual flower beds, maybe a tree
or bush in the yard. But nothing unusual,
nothing that says this person... as
opposed to the neighbor. The rare
exception is family houses. Meaning kids
toys, the kids make it home, where the
others are houses.

Neighborhoods aren't like they were
when I was a kid. Kids don't get to be kids
like I did or even my kids did. We have to
keep the kids guarded from society, and
that is sad, as these kids will ever know
what freedom is. They will live in guarded
neighborhoods, or apartments as adults.

Where did we go wrong? I don't know
really. They said it was going to be comic
books when I was a kid. They said it was
going to be television and when they were
teens it was the music, when my kids
were kids. (mine were always outside
playing, so maybe that is why mine did so
well) and now they say it is the music and
video games. Maybe it is all of them...
maybe it is none of them.

But it seems the more isolation we have,
the least involved we are, and the other
side of the coin, is the less we have to rely
on. We rather write out a check for strangers
in another state or country, then mow a
lawn for a neighbor who has become disabled.
So while they are in their houses, will anyone
know that something is wrong, will they know
that you need help?
Maybe, but probably not...

Even blogging we hid behind the


Dogwalkmusings said...

Remember when kids went "trick or treating" without fear of finding razor blades in their apples; when parents actually let you accept an apple? Remember when you knew the names of everyone on your street and neighbors personally welcomed newcomers?

I do and I miss it. But you know we bloggers, as abstract as we are, have more "family" and community than a lot of people. Sad and scarey.

little ol' me said...

Cis, that is a hell of a post there. Makes me search myself. I never speak to my neighbors, and I'm uncomfortable when I think people are watching me. I am pretty much a solitary figure. I've been hurt a lot; that might have something to do with it.

I think people are so mentally fatigued anymore from fighting the world that there's no time for a decorative home life, they just let the blinds fall and pass out on the couch. Also, with the way the economy is, there isn't anything like the permanence of people living in the same houses for long periods of time, so that might have something to do with it.

The only reason I stay in CDA is because I'm more at home here than anywhere else. Where else would I go? But, I don't even know the first names of any of my neighbors. I never get phone calls or visitors, either. Maybe the computer is taking the place of all the personal contact I used to have in my life.

That said, both you and I are fortunate to be where we are. Fairly small towns with lots of scenery and a big lake nearby. I love the Sandpoint City Park; I've thought about going up there just to "spend the day" sometime, maybe do some shopping, etc. Gee, I've almost typed a full-length post on YOUR blog!