Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July 2009...Sandpoint style

Are we ready to get this started? The lining up process.

Pipper Chuck Lane, looking to see if they are ready to start....

Yes, here comes the flag and the Veterans

here is the only band of the parade....
President Bill Lewis of the Lions Club, who put this whole 4th of July on for all of us. They do the parade, the fun things at the beach, the afternoon and the fireworks... They sure do need new members if anyone would like to volunteer their time.

Of course you have to have horse...

Now there is a dump truck...
I asked the King if this was part of the bypass equipment, but he said don't know
where they would be using this local...but from my view... they were BIG!!

Elk, Wa. (I think) Shriners truck

Fire in the Hole, car was back...remember it was in Lost in the 50's parade

Geof & Johanna Crosswhite with their car in progress, next year's Lost in the 50's?

old trucks

Even the ice cream lady was there...

old cars

The parade lasted an hour, and it was a nice group of people, clubs, businesses and etc. My only complaint is not enough bands.. They only had the drum and pipe group. Remember the marching bands of pass? I use to love them.
Every time they hit into John Phelp Souza tunes it made my heart sing..

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