Thursday, July 09, 2009

Palin, why does she irritate me?

Screechy voice? Flirtation, or just what
she says that doesn't make sense. Almost
double talk. If a man was trying to get my vote
with a flirty movements,I would be turned off.
Flirty movie stars or singers, yes. Politicians, NO.

She is like a bat in a cave, either holding still or
batting against the walls in a storm. Where are all the
good women? You hear, well, there is a woman for
you.. you want a woman for President. My answer
is NOT THAT WOMAN. It was the same with Clinton.
Not that woman.

There are a lot of Congresswomen. Why aren't they
running. I mean, serious, intelligent women. There are
some judges, or corporate women... who would be

We just need an intelligent, serious woman. Some one
who can run a country as well as they run their states,
companies and etc. Not one that feels like fingernails
on a blackboard. Palin is like bilge water, that keep
surfacing in the boat and you wonder if it is going to
come up and sink the boat.


Linda said...

I agree. I keep trying to figure out why I've been unable to say one word about this woman. I think it's because I'm embarrassed a major party would stoop to appoint a woman who's only skill is mud wrestling. No wonder the media are after her. She takes the bait every time.

doristheblade said...

except obama won masses of women voters through smooth talk, that is the man's equivalent of flirtatiousness, is it not? the worst part is that even men fell for this. blegh. no thank you. also, i think the democratic party should be equally ashamed of their nomination of biden. the admin. has to correct their positions every time they let him open his mouth.