Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Do We HAVE to Fix Everything??

When my kids were young I ran interference
for them. And then when they grew up, I still
had the urge. The worse one I had to fight was
my youngest one. She was fine, it was me.

When something came up that a was hard to
handle, I felt it was my duty as a mother.... a parent's
duty to help. The very few times I did, she always
paid me right back, if it was money. I think I did that
3 time out of the hundreds of urges.

The funniest part of this is that, she did quite well,
when I DID NOT help. As I stood on the side lines,
ready to encourage or the urge to jump in if needed.
It was NOT needed at all. She did it and did it well.
So did the rest. But it was a rough time for me, to
keep not only my mouth shut, but not to interfere.. to
not help.

So I feel the same about our country. Why should we
feel like we HAVE to fix everything for everyone.?
Aren't we arrogant, when we think we have the right
answers, the only answers to others problems?

Why does any country think they should domain the
other? Why do they think they have the only real answers?

You know, if you take the greed of money that war brings,
(the oil, the money the suppliers for the troops) away, what
is the gain? We are helping? Maybe if we did not HELP
the countries would do fine on their own. No wonder other
countries hate us. We are so self righteous.

Just once or more really, I wish our country would just
shut its mouth and let the countries manage their own

RISK, is a game board, not suppose to be life for the
world. But all of our governments seem to think they
are still playing the game.


Betty said...

I have never understood why we think we have to inferfere in every other country. But, then, our own citizens constantly try to run the lives of each other, so it shouldn't be surprising.

Idaho Dad said...

Yes, why do we try to fix the problems of other countries when we have so many problems of our own? Think of what could've been done to our infrastructure with the trillion dollars spent in Iraq. It's mind boggling.