Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wonder What Memories will my kids have of me

Will it be the chocolate chip/butterscotch chip cookies for Valentine's Day?

Will it be the water fights, even thru the house, and it didn't matter if water
got on the floor?

Will it be the camping and talking around the campfire? And sleeping
by the creek, on the ground in sleeping bags? And cooking on the camp
fire that I couldn't start and they had to start it for me?

Will it be stern me, who kept them on the straight and narrow?

Will it be the hours of helping with homework in the early years?

Will it be the sneaking gifts in for Santa to give while they slept, and
finding out that Santa dropped one outside on the porch?

Will it be the Zorro game... of me putting a large Z with lipstick on their foreheads,
while they slept?

Will it be doing chores together, all of us?

Will it be the tears in my eyes as I bid goodbye as they went out into the world?

Will it be that I let them make their own mistakes so they could learn from them?

Or will it be...will I be thought that I was just a mom, like all Mom's?

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MarmiteToasty said...

ok, this made me cry.....