Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is not fair, sometimes....

Life had been rough around the edges lately...
I have had 3 dear people pass away in 3 months.

My cousin, Karyn, in May
My walking partner, Bonnie, 2 weeks ago
My sister in law's sister, Annette, last week.
All of the from Cancer.
Karyn's was a year fight. Bonnie and Annette
fought it off and on for 14-15 years each.
All of these ladies left us, way to early.

Besides cancer these ladies all shared a great sense
of being. All had a great sense of humor, all had been
so brave and courageous as they fought cancer. All
very concern, even more concern, about those they left

All 3 of them had smiles that make you laugh and melt your
heart. They all 3 brought more life into their families than you
can imagine. Both before and after they found out they had

The 3 of them raised the bar for all of us. Gave us so much, and
asked so little. Showed us all what courage was about, and we
have a hard act to follow.

I am happy for the 3 of them, as they have no more pain. They
can once again laugh, and enjoy those who went before them.
And wait until we join them in later years.

Karyn, Bonnie, and Annette....thanks for the memories....
Will miss your smiles that lit up, like the sun above in the


Linda said...

Makes you wonder why these kind of people are taken and the world's crazies are left to harm others.

Betty said...

I'm sorry for your losses. Unfortunately, when you reach a "certain age", you start losing friends.

patty said...

my sympathies on the loss of your loved ones

MarmiteToasty said...

(((Cis))) so very very sorry about your losses.... know you are loved..