Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No New Car for Me

I have never owed a new car.
The newest one that I bought
was 4 years old.

So the likelyhood, at 69, I will never
owe a brand new vehicle. Not unless
I win the lottery. Which I forget to buy
tickets or just don't.. and last I heard,
you had to buy. The King buys when
he remembers, but even he has cut way
down on buying them. So a new car is
just not in my future.

Maybe the King, being he is younger than I.
He talks about that red convertible sports car
with a hot chick, when he gets that life insurance
money. I asked him if people will laugh at him
with a chicken in the front seat. (before people
get upset... we are joking).

Also even if I was to win the lottery, I would not
be buying one of those little cars. The reason
behind this reasoning is, the comparing the prices,
and the gas mileage. The average mpg is 30-33mpg
for those cars. The average for a full size vehicle
is 28-30. If I am going to be traveling, I want some
thing I am not looking out the window at the semi's
hubcaps. I want something that is comfortable.
Not folded up, short casket like thing.

I thought those vehicles were great on mileage. But
was disappointed to see that it is just a little bit more
than a regular vehicles. Even the hybrids are not doing
that well. I don't think it should be legal to sell a car
that gets less than 35 mpg. After all if they make it a
law you have smog stuff... they can make it for that too.

My father had a diesel Chevelle in 1981. It got 50 mpg.
Yes, it sounded like the pistons were trading places when
it started up, and a sewing machine after...but it was pretty
comfortable and it got 50 mpg.

Two friends have Volkswagen Jetta diesels. Both get 45 to
50 mpg. Both vehicles are 2002. Tell me why the newer
ones only get 32? What changed since then?

Anyway, even if the government gives us the $3,000 to
$4,000 for our older cars/trucks...we just flat out could not
afford the payments on a new car. I think that speaks for
about 1/3 of the retirees. And a good share of the general

The rule of thumb that a certain percentage (low) trade in
their vehicles every year. Another certain percentage trade in
every 3 to 5 years. And I think it is safe to say that more than
1/3rd are like me, and never have had a new vehicle in their
lifetime. So that makes it 10 years or more before the new
vehicle will trickle down to the used car lot for those of us to
buy. In 10 years I will be almost 80.. so not really a good
chance of me owing one.

So how is it the government or the powers that be... feel we
will be all green in the next few years?

Happy Birthday, GBW


MarmiteToasty said...

Sending Janet over to ride in the passenger seat of the Kings car LOL... cos she is one hot chick :)

Ive never owned a brand new car either, and to be honest I dont think they are worth it, over here as soon as you drive a new car off the forecourt they loose a quarter of their value....

I to dont do the lotto as such, I have some friends that spend $100 a month on tickets and aint never won lol they laff at me when I say I buy one as and when I remember and sometimes it can be weeks without remembering lol and then I forget to check it.

I was talking with me matie Wendy in the week about what either us would do if we did ever win thoug..... its nice to dream LOL.... I certainly would sort a few people out first though..... and buy me X a $10 book voucher lmfao

And I would buy you a brand new little sports car and all the petrol you needed :)

Linda said...

I read one time that the most economical time to trade in a car is when it doesn't run anymore.

My husband does buy new cars and I hate it when he gets the fever for a new car.

I would drive a car until the wheels fell off if it were up to me.

Word Tosser said...

Thanks Marmite for the thought, but if I was getting a new vehicle (either new to me or new) It would be a 3/4 ton Ford 4 door SUV... I want lots of metal around me for protection... and also if I lose my home, I still have something to sleep in. lol...

Word Tosser said...

Oh, yea... Linda... that is the way it happens to me. lol... not necessarily by choice, all the time.

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh you ungrateful cow LMFAO (joking) - ok I'll get you one of those, whatever the heck it is, and a caravan to tow behind if you loose your home.... oh bugger, I might just as well buy you a new home LOL

know you are loved.....