Monday, July 27, 2009

Life summed up in a bag

You know how they say that your life
and possessions are in a yard sale with
in 7 days of your death...Well, your paper
work doesn't do so well either.

After 9 years, the King and I went thru
the 2 drawer file cabinet we had his mother's
papers in. It took 2 hours of going thru and
figuring out what to keep and what to throw.

We had done a quick number on them years
ago, and then left them in the file cabinet.
The cabinet has been moved from room to
room. And we decided yesterday was the
day to deal with it all.

After shredding 3 bags of papers, and
deciding do we keep the cards, the
cards from the flowers, and other papers
dealing with the funeral. We ended up
with one white zip bag that the funeral
home gave us with the book. And several
envelopes with pictures in them to send to
different family members.

78 years summed up in one bag.

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Linda said...

After the death of my father I went to the house where my parents had lived, with every intention of bringing home lots of meaningful items.

I was shocked as I looked around. There was very little I wanted. Their furniture was old but not antique. They had very little that wasn't garage sale quality.

I picked out the few items that had special meaning to me, and turned to my mother's brother and his wife and said, "this is all I want, if you want to hold a garage sale you can keep the profits."

I hadn't noticed this as long as my parents were living. It was always warm and loving when I visited. Once they were gone it was a cold house filled with junk.