Monday, July 13, 2009

A Bad Day Fishing is better than....

I believe the saying is that a bad day fishing,
is better than a good day at work. And that is

Yesterday the King and I went to a small lake
near by and went fishing. We got there about 6am.
The lake was smooth as glass. And so quiet.

The Rustic cabin from the days of the movie that
was made on that lake about 10 years ago, was
quiet so we put out money in the lock can and
head down to put the boat in.

We had an electric motor as gas is not allowed.
Which makes the lake all the better. We trolled
fished. I found out I may love fly fishing, or just
fishing from the shore or the boat, but I am not
a troll fisherman. (ok, PC people, a fisherperson).
It isn't is the fouling up of the pole that
I don't do well... I want a dot of lead on that baby.
I want it to sink. Not wrap around my pole like a
slinky or lay on the top of the water like a slice
of bread, until the boat finally pulls it down enough
to fall thru the water.

I really love fly fishing. I am not good at it..but I
love it... I fly fish, Patrick McManus style. You
know, like a flailing rug beater. Well, not quite
that bad...but surely not like it was done on
River Runs Thru It movie. My favorite movie.

Two half hours later...
Fish.. free...
Fisherpersons... 0
Time.... priceless.....

But quiet conversations with my guy,
on a quiet lake, listening to ducks flying
and landing on the water. an occasional
fish flop on the water, a dive of a hawk, the blue
sky, the green of the trees, No closer to my
God, can be thee....


JeanC said...

Yeah, a bad day fishing is definitely better then a good day at work. The hubby and I have also decided we don't care for troll fishing. We did that this last Friday and I ended up with my line around the motor. Luckily all I had on it was a hook, weights and a Power egg, so no loss.

Not into fly fishing, I'm not that coordinated, so just regular fishing for this chick :D

Dogwalkmusings said...

Pure heaven! Now if the King looked like Brad Pitt...