Wednesday, July 08, 2009

More Information than needed....

As I was fixing my coffee and getting
ready to read the paper on Tuesday
morning, I hear it. Jackson's brain not
being buried with his body. It seems the
coroner needs more time for test and couldn't
release the brain yet. So released the body for
the funeral... Now that is way more information
than I needed. In fact the thought of it, kind of
stuck in my head, when I saw anything else
the rest of the day. Even at my job. I can
just imagine what the thoughts of his fans were.
Hopefully none of them heard it before the funeral.
It is a visual that is hard to get out of your head.
And then the rumors and jokes. Ugh.

Then the paper didn't help me much either. The
headlines read Researchers Can Guess Secret
SS numbers. Just by your birth date and where
you were born. Seems the first 3 numbers tell
where you were born. I forgot the next two, and
the last 3...well, never mind. But in this day and
age of ID theft, we surely don't need to advertise
how the crooks can get your SS number. So do
we really need to help the crooks out? Most of them
are pretty resourceful enough as it is. Do we really
need to help them?

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Linda said...

It's enough to make you not want to read or look at anything.