Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A man and his tools/toys

They say that woman are expensive..
That there is jewelry, furs (long time ago)
cars, and what ever else that woman whine,
ask, demand and etc.  I don't know, because
I never did any of that. In fact I have small
wants.. food, water and shelter pretty well
fills it for me.  Things I want are not for sale.
Sense of humor, laughter, loyalty and

But any woman who is married, knows that
men far out spend the women in their lives.
To men, there is no such thing as too many
tools...  to men who hunt, there is no such
thing as too many guns.. and to those who
fish.. no such thing as too much fishing
supplies.  And that doesn't even count
the 4x4 they need... the campers, and gas
to run the hills.. Or boats, outriggers and
etc. for that boat..  Then there is the licenses.
One can spend over $100 for a sportsman
package. Which includes hunting and fishing
license and tags for every known animal in
the woods.  And gas... for the hunting 4x4.
The boat, the truck to pull the boat.. and etc.

Yes, men are very expensive.

What really gets me.. is that they HAVE TO HAVE
a certain tool... and they need it now.. They will
give you the whole spewl like the best of salesmen.
Of why they need this tool and why they need it
NOW... and if they are really good, they will
include how he can do so many things for that spouse
with this new, bigger and better tool.  You know
he has at least 20 tools in the garage, that will
do anything that this new and special tool.. But
the maddening part.. is he will get it.. bring it home
with the biggest smile on his face.. showing all
his friends ... the new and improved tool... and
then it sits in a tool box or the box it came in...
for a year. But he needed it NOW.   

A few years back there was a video of a hunter, telling
about how he goes out to get meat for the family. That
all these different hunting objects of his desire... are
needed to feed the family... He listed all the things, such
as the hunting guns, knives, vehicles (4 wheelers now)
and the license..  and then the kicker at the end was..
When his wife asked how much did that come to a
pound of meat that he was able to get that year.....
a mere $833 a pound..  I think every hunting widow
saw it, passed it on.. for all of us to laugh at.. so we
didn't cry.. 

Then there is the week of being gone to hunting camp,
too...and not to mention the men who love to rebuild a
vehicle of his choice... but that is another post another time.

Oh, yea.. by the way.. my husband is a mechanic who
fish and hunts and has a 47 Ford pickup in pieces yet..in
our garage for over 12 years. ... so I know of which I speak.

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