Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Drive

Do people still take Sunday drives?  I know my folks use to.. 
it was fun on this past Sunday, so thinking of making it a tradition. 

Clark Fork River was flowing well...

Beyond Hope deer were out looking for some green..

The geese were savaging for something in the yards of Beyond Hope

The section of Berlin Wall is still there.. but there are mail boxes in front of it.. didn't use to be
My regret? something that I have never done each time we have taken pictures of this piece of wall... that is taking a picture of the other side.. I have not a clue what is on the other side...dang!!!
Next time.... for sure...
I like the lamps that were near by.. ..hiding under the branches of the trees, look pretty neat

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Mari Meehan said...

Good idea, renewing the Sunday drive tradition! We used to go for rides quite often after Sunday dinner which we had upon arriving home from Mass. Of course we could afford the gas in those days!