Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A day of celebration...

Today, is Marianne Love's birthday.. she writes the blog called Slight Detour... so those of you who know Marianne, go over tell her happy birthday...

I also have a daughter who turns 54 today...
A friend has a birthday today as well.. Happy Birthday,
Ethel Balch.

And also .. it is my brother and his wife's anniversary today.
They celebrate 48 years a marriage... he was able to pull
off what our parents, nor I have been able to do.. 48 years
with one wife.  Their partnership has been a strong one.
Don't get me wrong, they have been the typical couple..
of arguing and making up... like a lot of the rest of us. But
they are in it for the duration..  They have 2 children.. a
son and a daughter. They have 4 grandchildren..
Their lives have had the bump in the roads over the years.
As my brother has a heart condition.. and she had her
time of health issues as well..  They have been each others
rock.  So the words in sickness and health has meant a lot
in their years.. 
Thank you Mrs. Richardson, for being great wife to my
kid brother...

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