Monday, June 16, 2014

Living in Idaho with Republicans..

For those who live outside of Idaho, our Republican party is...
what is it the kids say... complicated.

We have 5 Republican parties here in Idaho...
We have the so right wing, that they believe that Jesus should be our Governor.
And sometimes I think our Governor thinks he is the one.

Next we have the new influx that most states have now.. the TEA PARTY.

Then we have two in one, because they can't get along... and that is the RONALD REAGAN Republican (there is two parties there).
I don't know how to tell them apart.
Don't know if they know how to tell them apart... guess it is by members names.. but if you are an outsider.. well ... good luck.

Then lastly we have the center Republicans.. they are the ones we
are all familiar with from the past... they became center because the
other 4 are so wild... These are probably better known as the common sense Republicans by those over 50.  These are probably not liked by the rest of the group, because these center type, are known to play nice with others for the good of the citizens.. Now that is a concept.

Some of the group, and it is hard to tell which side they are on, have
been quoted as saying...
 "just hold on, take a breath and go refresh
your lipstick"  to a group of their women delegates. 
"Clearly clearly stacked these committees to give the tin foil hat caucus majority control of the convention"  (quoted in the Daily Bee) by Ken Burgess.. 

All this is about fighting over who should and should not be
a delegate.  And meaning if they throw out some of the delegates, they have to refund some of the money.. which could come to an embarrassing moment when it comes to paying for the place they are all gathering..

These wonderful minds.. NOT.. want to have it so the state legislatures appoint our US senators... not letting the people do it..  
I sure hope they will let the citizens vote on this.. because if they decide on their own..  Well, to say it won't be pretty, would be an understatement.

Oh, yea, one the platform up for debate is to have platform that would state that Idaho schools should all be REQUIRED to have bibles.

I would say that politics was exciting in Idaho, but I think the word would be more like scary..    I read a book recently, that told that Idaho started out as a Democrat state... interesting... 
Now they are a rarity ...

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marlu said...

Sounds like your state is even kookier than Kansas...we just have a governor who has almost bankrupted us.