Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Still holding my own..

As a kid, I lived on a horse farm. That meant cleaning stalls,
running wheelbarrows up a ramp, and dump and back to the
barn again.. for a refill.  It means, bucking bales, by the time
I was a teen, as we had switched from loose hay to baled

Over  the years I have smashed cars with one of my husbands as we ran a scrap iron business. Smashing vehicles to the size of card tables... and then loading them up on a semi to transfer to Seattle to the shredder.  My job was to line up the smashed vehicle so it loaded on the semi even.

Did bucking bales of my own.. (when I bought them,
did not do the haying from scratch like when I was home) and carrying 50 pound bags of feed for horses, chickens
and etc.

I also helped my husbands over the years with working on
different cars, and carrying heads around.

So I have been able to hold my own.. and this weekend
showed I still go it.  Actually it started Friday.

Our washer dryer unit (all in one) crapped the bed, went
south or what ever you call it. We moved it out on the
deck, so we could take it apart to see what was up.
The motor is burnt ..after 16 yeas, I can't complain.
That was on a Monday night.  By Tuesday we had
bought another to replace it, to be delivered today..
so I wanted the old one off the deck.

By Friday it was still there.. so figured I would move it
to in front of the garage. That way when they deliver the
new one, and take the old one, it is already to go.

The easy part was getting it off the deck. I just laid it down,
(yes it was heavy) and then scooted it to the edge and over,
tilting it at the end.. and off the deck it was.  I got the dolly,
but that was the end of the easy part. I put the dolly in, but
forgot .. it is gravel.. so the wheels sank. So with moving the
unit from side to side, I used the front panel of the unit to
get  the wheels up on to it. That worked for about 3 feet.
So it was walk it thru the gate. Then up on the dolly again,
and a quick trip to the edge of the garage. Whew.. I
still got it.. Sweating like a pig, but it was done.

One Saturday, we both went over to our neighbor,
who is fighting cancer and weed whacked her
whole lawn.. (it is 2 lots) with the King doing the heavy
stuff with the mower like whacker, and me doing around
the house, with the electric carrying one.. It took about
2 hours.

Then we worked on getting the 47 Ford frame back into the
garage. Which might sound easy, but it doesn't have a
steering wheel on it, so not so easy.. that took about 45
minutes, with pushing... taking a jack and moving side
ways, and back. The King thought he could do it himself,
but it became apparent that would not do.. So I helped.
I could actually push it by myself as he tried to stir the
wheels... I still got it.. Not bad for a 74 year old broad.

Don't get me wrong.. my grip is nowhere what it use
to be.. I might be able to push and pull but my lifting
is limited. I can still carry a 30 pound bag of dirt, or
25 pound bag of rocks.. but can't lift much over
the height of my waist.
Which I feel very blessed that I still got it...

The King would be proud, as my bone intensity is
still good.. to get that, you would have to see the
commercial of the father and son watching the mom
outside lifting heavy bags into a wheel barrow...
and the son asked the father.. aren't you going to help her? 
The father replies.. no, she needs to build up her
bone intensity. .. The King thinks that was hilarious.

It is all about physical fitness...now I need to work on
my walking. 

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