Thursday, June 26, 2014

And then their was 15

Those who notice things, will see there has been
an addition to our family, by the top line.

Number 15 great grandchild. The sweetest looking little guy.
With lots of hair.

This year we have added two great grandchildren.
The other one is a sweet little girl. 

It seems to be the year of the babies, as I see so many
additions on Facebook. So many of my friends have
become  grandparents this year.. Baby pictures all
over Facebook.. which is wonderful to see all those
sweet faces..

Which I think ever person over the age of 40, who
has become a grandparent or those who became
great grandparents... we thank Facebook for being
there.  Those of us who don't live close .. get to see
our new grandchildren almost instantly, with hours
at least. Instead of waiting months, like it use to be.
If the parents took a picture at all.. Now they all have
phone camera's.. so instant fame.

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