Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Strange bedfellows....

I think there is a saying about strange bedfellows.
 “politics makes strange bedfellows". I believe it is.
And in Idaho they surely do.

They had a convention last week, that started Thursday
I think..not sure... but it ended by Saturday.. they say.
It ended abruptly.  It got so bad, that they shut her down.

They were throwing out delegates left and right.  The saying
by one of them to the women.. calm down, breathe and refresh
your lipstick, which could not have gone over well.. I was surprised
that it didn't make the headlines and the social media. They seem
to eat their own.

Then you have the dye in the wool tea party who isn't fairing
very well of late, so they decided to switch to the Democrat side,
and they figured they could straighten out the Republican party
that way.

As I read that.. I thought...WHAT?  How does switching in the
middle of the stream straighten out another party? That just
doesn't make sense... but then again.. none of the parties
make sense to me anymore.

I would give up voting, but I like pissing them off with my votes.
Especially when I vote "none of the above"  which being we
can write in, still in Idaho, I get that opportunity.

Just when you think Idaho politics can't get any worse, they

show us, oh, yes we can.. and lower the bar. 

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